Eat Pray and love… What about it??? Traveling to and with yourself to find ourselves!

For the Nth time I have watched it, either from beginning, just a part, just the end, or however, whenever I watch it the same feeling comes…

I suppose the same feeling that all women have when they see this movie… “All of us should have the experience, the opportunity, of looking to our own self to be able to go on… – and doing it by traveling, by ourselves, getting to know the world… well…. nothing better…”

…and each one of us compares, our lives, our challenges, our thoughts and fears with every little detail of the movie.

…and everyone of us think that there is more to do, to truly find the right way in life, and then, we judge all around and think that we should just let everything go and just try… … a big trip, a trip to find ourselves…

Suddenly today I noticed, at a point of the movie, when the Bali “wiseman”, tells her – “…the life should be a balance, not only prayer, not only fun…”

… and indeed you, your heart, your soul, will tell you when and what will be the right freedom to find the balance of your life – but, as always, as much as you look for, as much as you phantasize it, the furthest away you will be from finding it… you might be your own slave of your freedom, just because you want the freedom so much, that it will “slave” you…

It is incredible, how, in our search for our life, we might be, so much, looking for something that might beside you, or indeed inside you – yourself will be there, wherever you go, no matter how far, how long you go, you will just get to know when you notice that “YOU” is there, inside you, and if you do not acknowledge it, you can go for a 10 years trip of eat, pray, love, meditate, rationalize, or whatever else and you will not find IT.

Sometimes you will find everything right when you finally find yourself inside you, when you notice that you are your guide, you just have to let your heart and soul guide you, and not fear that it will be too emotional, not rational, too impulsive, or whatever, the day you will give yourself a deep breath, with closed eyes, and feel the air filling your lungs and this energy will disseminate through your skin and the little feeling will increase and the peace will be all you can notice…. …then is the moment to, just relax, keep the feeling, keep the deep breath for 10, 20, 30, 50 more times, and while breathing deeply feel all the thoughts that fill your mind, and select them, just letting it go of the ones that moves, as slight as it can be, you from the nice feeling, and identify the ones that make you more comfortable…

…then – you will be finding the way to select your thoughts…

…then you will be finding the way to control your feelings….

…then you will be finding yourself and your own control…

…then, no matter where you are, for how long, you will have found yourself and you will want this company forever!

…and the funniest part, is that, when you find your company so comfortable that you do not need anything anymore – the energies spread in the air will bring another being with the same energy, not needing anybody else, but just wanting to share time with someone who values the respect for the self, whoever it will be!

… I have found it, during a nice travel, but it was not to places or countries throughout the planet earth, through the planet Lara, traveling with the yoga and meditation, and it was awesome!

I advise everyone to find your own means of transportation and book the same destiny, which is yourself!

Good trip, do not forget to share your experiences!

Big hugs!

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