Knowing and Doing gap… why aren´t we just doing what we know????

Another concept that I have learnt this week, has to do with the biggest problem of the humanity, the laziness, the procrastination, the leaving for later what you should, could be doing now… And this is something that delays our learnings, our improvement, this is the “killers” of the “killers” for training, courses… At the same time it is the simplest of the simplest details for success… It is to start doing immediately whatever you decide that is important, whatever you learn, that will make a difference… If we know that listening more is important, why don’t we start immediately, why don’t we try to pay attention on how are we, so we can do differently? …An easiest one, if we do know that there are thousands of researches proving that meditating during the daily work for 5 to 10 minutes improves concentration, creativity and helps focusing, why don’t we just start?

…I know, there are so many things that we could start doing that we are overwhelmed, and by having so much in mind, we end up with nothing…

So why not making a list of the 3 things we want to get improved for the next period, next 3 weeks (let us be scientific, and apply the rule – a human being needs 21 days to make something a routing, a habit…)?

I have picked mine: I started improving my listening, or better, I am trying to do so, by following the theory that repeating mentally what the person is saying then have a “yes, and…” answer in my mind, makes me listen to the person, agree with him/her, and makes much easier to work out the conversation… …ok here there were 2 things 😉 Listening, and answering “yes, and…” (I will share sometime this experience – was striking the learning in a Improvisation workshop!) The 3rd thing that I will work on (to be easier as involves clocks, time, etc… and not mental commitment) is that I will start meditating, everyday during the morning, probably at 10 am – Mindfulness meditation, being aware of my good feelings and state of mind – only 10 minutes a day, starting tomorrow, and I will try to compare my focus, patience, concentration, creativity and I will share with you!!

And you?

What are you going to start with?

Simple changes make HUGE difference!!!

🙂 Mainly when you feel that you are making life of others better by being a better person to be around!

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