Los Roques – little paradise in Venezuela

From each country that I have lived in, I have received a gift, from Venezuela it happened still during the first month arriving and getting to know the country.

Los Roques is an archipelago with around 350 islands, cays, the main island, Gran Roques, is where all “posadas” are located, with some restaurants (not the ones we are used to) and some bakeries where we can find beers, bread and “chucherias” (snacks).

The charm of the trip is to hire the boats that will take you to whole day trips to the cays, the most beautiful being also the furthest – the Cayo de Agua – it is wonderful and the only island where you can find potable water.

The “posadas” are not even close to being the charming ones, there is not enough water or energy, meaning that even if your hotel is with air conditioning, you might find yourself having each second night without it, since it can be your side of the island day of saving energy!

Despite of the difficulties – we have commented that in any other place, this would be a touristic place, paradise with all comfort for the foreigners, instead of a foreigner repellent for its lack of care – you forget everything when you wake up and go to the take your boat, and as the day goes by, you fell in love with this place, the water, the sea, the nature, all is enchanting….

I will post more tips of posadas and places to stay that might be worth!

Ah – definitively do not use anything to do with an internet tourism agency called explorepartners – they had “cheated” on us selling certain posadas that were more expensive and sending us to ones that were just not bearable – better to call the posada yourself and be sure that you are indeed talking to the owners!!!

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