Love, change, regret

When is the right time to make a change? Which is the change you want to make? What is really your aim? Is there any change that you can make and no regrets will appear? Once I was told that whatever you do with love, for love can not be a mistake… So, then, when is the right time? Well, you are given gifts, opportunities and everything appears at the right moment in your life, as once told during a graduation in Stanford, by a wise person, you will not understand the importance of that moment, of that gift, at the present moment, not even if you look forward, but if you will take it, sometime later, by looking back, the dots will be connected and you will understand why everything happened as it did… it happened… …but not if you did not have the courage, passion to do so, then again the question – when is the right time? 🙂 Anytime is the right time… How to do it is the right question… What solved my problems, kept my doubts apart as well as fear, was a simple fact: You do not have to think too much – if something tells you to do something, just do it – do not think on the problems, do not think on what can end up wrong… You know what??? Because EVERYTHING IN LIFE CAN BE CHANGED – NOTHING IS FOREVER!! Meaning that you do not have to fear or think so much, since if something goes wrong, you can always do differently! Well, this was how my mother has helped me, indeed has convinced me to accept to leave Brazil for a proposal of an international career, not any international career, not an international career that has a guarantee from your home country that you can come back whenever you want, but an international career that would make me quit my Brazilian country and for sure I could not come back before 14 years – yes 14 years – this is what my boss told me, “Lara this contract is international, and for you to go higher in your Brazilian organization, you will have to leave and have an international career experience, and you will not be back before 14 years…”… 14 years, 1999 – not come back before 2013…. how can one leave your family and not think on coming back soon??? How can I sacrifice so much??? How can my company ask me this??? Which kind of person would do so??? How could I leave far away from my brother and sister… my mother, father… and not come back sooner??? …when I shared all my thoughts, more doubts and fears than thoughts, my mother chose the most simplistic way, as always… she asked me: “… ok, this is what your boss tells you, but who will prevent you from coming back if one day, after 5 years, you want to come back and you have just to be sure that you have done your best, so well, that you are in a position to ask something, you ask to be back, there can be a chance that they will allow you, if not, you buy a ticket, quit your job, come back home, and with the experience you got, who can stop you?? – remember, when you are not afraid, and you keep your values, nothing, nobody can stop you… you will decide your life…” 🙂 This is how I learned, this is from where I got my “guts”, my courage – indeed, I just know that whatever decision I take in my life I ALWAYS have the chance to change it, I will never be embarrassed of tell that I made a wrong decision and that I want to change my path !!!!!!! This has changed my life, and from this period one, I just know that everything will end up right, because if something is not right, it means that it is not the end, you change it, look for the right, take the new path, and then – tchan nan – the right way – it ended up right, not for nothing, but because you are the owner of your choices, so you are the owner of your glory, victory and success!!! 🙂 I do miss my mother, but from some 5 years now, my husband has done her job, and for this I love him hugely!!!

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