Venezuela, what the world should see, blessed Venezuela!



Why live in Venezuela?

Apart from the Venezuelans?

Apart from its nature?

Apart from its energy?

Apart from its diversity?

Apart from its passion?

🙂 Let us talk you, who does not live here, through all the reasons why my husband and I decided to choose this country to be our home for the last 2 years and for the next 3, 4 or 5 years!! …and it does matter what happens, we love Venezuela and the Venezuelans!

1) Venezuelans:

To work in Venezuela is a dream for anyone who has a management, leadership position. The venezuelans are very flexible, are very quick to implement any idea, whatever appears, you have to stop them, because, if they like the idea, they do not wait a second to start implementing it. On the other side, if they do not like it, they will not complain, but they will directly tell you, but with the intention to quickly find what is the best solution! The Venezuelans make you a better person and a better professional – they will challenge you and they will demand you to be the best to be able to work with them. They are strong people, with lots, lots of passion, as a consequence they are fully committed, but they must believe, they must see a purpose, and if they do, bring your motors, you will need it! The definition is that Venezuelans are leaders, and working with them make all the strengths to be potentialize, as a conclusion I can tell that this is a nation that together can go far, far away, as they have the gift to bring the best out of the other people!

2) Its Nature:

Venezuela has everything, beaches, mountains, cold, warm weather, savannas, dunes, forest… The capital of Venezuela has a mountain inside its city, Avilla – not a mountain, but A MOUNTAIN


The Caraqueños have the healthy habit to climb it, it is a bless, it makes the capital green, it makes each ride through the autopista a new surprise, climbing it a sunday, till the pajaritos, you will find some waterfalls, yes, waterfalls, in the capital of the country… ok, surprised? Let us talk about;

Los Roques – this is a group of islands, 30 minutes from Caracas, yes 30 minutes flight, it is in Caribbean Sea – crystal clear water, warm water… the paradise at earth, one of the most beautiful places I have been!


Several other examples can be given as a nature bless; Choroni, Merida, Rafting in Barinas, Puerto Ordaz, and all so so blessed, so much energy…

ahá – other point to be in Venezuela;

3) Venezuela energy – Tepuis, Canaima

Did you know that the oldest rock formation of the world is in Venezuela? Yes, also where the highest waterfall in world is located, the San Angel.

This place was considered one of 10 most irreplaceable ecosystems on earth ( The energy of this place is incredible, also the Canaima lake, the Salto Hacha, here was the best experience that my husband and myself had, meditating under this waterfall…


This all energy comes also from all the virgin forest, and also the Pemons, a tribe which lives in this region and thousands legends make us believe in the magic – and then also a Spanish Priest, Padre Xavier, a saint in our opinion, who loves everybody who is there and goes there, a priest who made us want to get married under the church laws after so many years!


This brings to the other interesting and loveable magic of Venezuela, its;

4) Diversity!!

Here I copy paste wikipedia, where the best definition can be found: “Venezuela has a rich cultural heritage. From the original American Indians to the Spanish and Africans who arrived after the Spanish conquest, the 17th century waves of immigration brought many ItaliansPortugueseArabsGermansMoroccan Jews, and others from the bordering countries of South America. Venezuela’s heritage, art, and culture have been heavily influenced by the Caribbean context. These elements extend to its historic buildings, architecture,[1] art,[2] landscape, boundaries, and monuments. Venezuelan culture has been shaped by IndigenousSpanishand African influences. Before this period, indigenous culture was expressed in art (petroglyphs), crafts, architecture (shabonos), and social organization. Aboriginal culture was subsequently assimilated by Spaniards; over the years, the hybrid culture had diversified by region.”

and the last point, which I have already mentioned is:

5) Venezuelans Passion!!

Each Venezuelan has a different passion, or a different way to express it, but all, without exception, even the coldest Venezuelan (if anyone can find a cold Venezuelan will win THE prize), will show his/her passion much more than one expects! One way to see it, is to check how they dance salsa, how they sing karaoke, how they make jokes of any tragedy or difficulties that they face! The passion of the Venezuelans is something contagious, you can not stay in the country more than 1 year without turning yourself passionate, spiritual, with a different energy, with lots of bless, and with a great way to see the world.

… 🙂 Many of you might be thinking that I am crazy and that this is just my eyes, or that I am being too positive, since what is shown these days is something different, but I guarantee that this country and this Venezuelans worth much more than their petrol, and their power is within their level of spirituality and energy, their country makes them live within one the most energetic part of the planet, and their heart is huge!

By the end this is basically why I love to be here, it might be that by osmosis or habit I might learn to be as special as the Venezuelans are!


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