Brand yourself – how to do it indeed!

As I have mentioned, I attended a Workshop some weeks ago, in which William Arruda taught us, around 200 women in New Jersey, how important to brand ourselves was!

Indeed I have to tell that all of it was too much for me, some Latin not so much “cyberfriendly”, but I scored nicely on the cathegory of branding yourself – meaning, I have a facebook account (very alive), I have a tweeter account (not at all alive), I have a way of living that can make me very characteristic…

All was too much, since it told you to build your own website, blogs and do things, basically on the internet, which would be the most important for your own professional brand…

…and now, here I am – yesterday I became “owner” of myself, I have bought my domain the larabezerra .com; .net;; and .org – much easier than I thought!

To buy your domains go here:

To do your own blog I have asked for my husband help (he had also helped me with the domain – Thanks Ré!), go here and help yourself!!

Well, these were the 2 first steps for me to enter the “cyber world” and own myself on the web – hope this will help someone!

Take care all of you, and happy Easter!


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