Can competitive corporate world live together with spiritual, good hearted people???

For several years I have questioned myself how could one go up the corporate ladder and keep his/her values and still live a spiritual life keeping a good hearted attitude…

When I started my yoga teacher course last year, here in Mexico, many people questioned me about my work, my position and my ambitions, it was almost like one had to choose between good and evil, good being yoga, spiritual life and evil being having ambition and working on a corporate world…

Another time, I went to a retreat of yoga and raw food, in a small city close to Budapest, the lady who was the hostess was wonderful, lead us through an wonderful yoga class and taught us great dishes full of flavor and only raw food – this was all during the first day. …Then out of the blue, a conversation about “how bad corporations were and how bad pharmaceutical industries could be” came to our table – I was silent for a while, until I had to react, and me being me, I had started to talk about values and how I loved to work in the pharma company with which I was for the last 12 years, which at the time I was General Manager… Well, not well done, the environment became difficult and I finally left during the night, as I did not feel comfortable.

These were some examples of episodes that took place in my life and they were not the only ones and for sure there will be many others to come.

The difference is that I found my place in the corporate world and I found my style and attitude – I found peace with my way through the corporate world and I know now that I can live my values and spirituality working where I work and climbing whatever stairs I want there – and probably my attitude can bring “light” and comfort to many people who have the same doubts, conflicts!

Many colleagues know that this has not been easy, and know my conflicts that appear time to time, but sooner than later I always come back to my heart, to my believes, to my spirituality – and everything always ends up better than started!

Whenever, wherever, you work, whatever position you are at or are reaching for, you can always be good, have your heart where you want, and if you are consistent, strong on your believes, you will always end up being recognized and will be lead to a place where you will be helped and you will help others to go through the same wonderful path!!!

…Yeessss, you can live your spiritual life and work in a corporation, indeed this is what the corporations are looking for!!!

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