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The first month had gone like one second, and the soul feels like it has been one year, so familiar, so warm…

India has this mix, where one can live opposites in the same moment, where the impossible is possible, where there is no one life, but many in one, where the dark is not something itself, but the absence of light, where the bad is not one whole something, but the absence of good, but all is there, and you choose what you want, but the true – there is too much light, too much good, too much everything…

No expectation could have been so beautifully met, taking all senses in consideration.

It is amazing how India has this power of having so beautiful people with so infinite possibilities and so much humility, eyes looking and trying to figure out what is out there to learn, waiting for the possibility to connect with something inside that always exists, something bigger, something beautiful.

India is like an ocean of infinite possibilities which can be seen if you turn on the right light at the right moment, and when the light is turned off, still the infinite possibilities are there, just waiting for the right person to arrive at the right place on the right moment. …or the right connection among right people to happen so the right flow of energy is released and magic happens, the light is turned on and this channel to this ocean of infinite possibilites is opened!

I am blessed that I could experience already once the huge energy of this moment happening, I have been honored with the possibility of being on the right moment at the right place, of arriving now in Mumbai, with this team…. …and on several moments, I felt this bliss happening, seeing different people’s soul smiling because there was something bigger happening, something like an union of the present moment with the emerging beautiful future moment raising right in front of us, which we have been able to capture because our connection was there, the souls opened and united to make a difference.

We are all human beings and we are all not perfect, at the same time, we all have something very special, something different, something which can be complemented by each other. The magic happens when we discover that we have to let it go of ourselves and we have to find this something special inside others, and when each one finds the something special in each other and thank the other, honor the special Being in the other, there is a completeness that emerges, because we are one, and this one is the perfection!

… and this is only the beginning, somehow it scares a little as the bar is set so high with this first experience, that I feel like indeed there is an ocean of infinite possibilities inside each one of us, together being very very big, and opening it brings also a huge responsibility, as many can benefit from it, who today would not have the chance… For this I am very grateful to be where I am and that whatever we do, can indeed have an impact, the one I was waiting for, the one I was asking to be able to connect to since long ago…

The only thing that I can promise to myself is to be loyal to my own purpose and my family’s, to make a difference in any country we are blessed to have the opportunity to live, and to try our best to make the lives of the ones close to us, brighter and with more sense of purpose to make this world each day a better place for ourselves!

I am really glad for having been in Venezuela the last 5 years, PHD on really living for a purpose, independently of the challenge you face, sticking to what is more noble and having to remember each second what is a greater good, I had wonderful masters, hundreds of gurus within my team and around the country – I am ready to embark in a journey where my PHD can be used to the further fulfill my purpose!!

Someone from Venezuela told me a phrase while congratulating me for the appointment in India “There is no casualties, only causalities!!!” could not agree more….

(Thanks Shilpika and Sonal for the beautiful picture!)

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