Quantum leadership, Spiritual leadership, only possible in a Company with clear purpose


In my recent discover of Roche’s most amazing facet, I understood why I am here.

My mother’s guidance during my early leadership times, 2003, had among other, Danah Zohar.

My mother, a quantic physics reader and curious Medical Doctor, had given me books to read as she wanted me to make a difference in the world I would live in.

She was very worried to assure that our family’s legacy; meaning, making this world a better place for everybody, would be seen wherever we decided to be part of.

The first book she gave me, when I got a leadership position in a country, Hungary, 2003, being at this time in my early 30’s, was The servant – James C Hunter, a book which guided one to be a servant leader…

After this, the readings started to involve the philosophy of having the quantic physics as basis for new society, being it economic, capital, leading, corporation.

The theory meant to say that the previous theories about society, economy, corporations, business models, were related to newtonian theories which tried to simplify everything, looking to the uniqueness of everything and studying everything separated, meaning, having an objective by its own, selfish.

On the other hand the new theories base themselves on quantum physics, where everything is connected and one, hence, one purpose – meaning that the companies and leaders who can understand that this world is only one, and that there is a greater good to fight for, will lead the future, since this will be the sustainability of the human kind, preservation of our planet and also transforming society and the planet in one, not a separated parts!

Too etheric thought, new metaphysic approach, but the reality, and the ones who understand this will be able to live their lives in harmony quicker!

I am now in the biggest period of plenitud I have never been in my life! I am happy and peaceful with all my decisions and paths chosen, and I understood my mission in life is about to be accomplished.

…and with this I mean I am completely sure that being in Roche is the right choice as a professional and as a person, a human being seeking her mission to make this world a better place!

I truly believe that what Roche is leading, in the corporate world, is what these books of Danah Zorah below describe, and if it is not fully aware of it, this is what I feel, reason why I feel so connected to whatever has been done in my 4,5 years here.

The 2 books I see myself and my company in, are the following ones:

The Quantum Leader: A Revolution in Business Thinking and Practice Danah Zohar 

“Drawing inspiration from quantum physics, innovative management thinker Danah Zohar offers a powerful new model for business thinking and practice. “Quantum leaders,” she says, like the systems they have to manage, are poised at “the edge of chaos.” They thrive on the potential latent in uncertainty and are adept at unleashing the creativity of self-organization. More important, they are vision- and value-led; they adapt quickly, are unafraid to play with the boundaries and reinvent the rules, and celebrate diversity.

Zohar points out that the existing, business-as-usual paradigm owes a great deal to the outdated thinking, assumptions, and values of Newtonian science, which gave rise to the Industrial Revolution. Newtonian thinking assumes that corporations and markets are like machines–predictable, stable, and controllable; they are best managed in a way that eliminates risk and assures equilibrium. Unfortunately, as the global financial collapse of 2008 demonstrated, this way of thinking is as obsolete as the steam engine.

Further developing ideas she introduced in her acclaimed Rewiring the Corporate Brain and Spiritual Capital, Zohar has written an inspirational book that will motivate leaders to tap the full potential of their employees, their businesses, and the customers they serve.”

Rewiring the Corporate Brain Danah Zohar 

“Corporate structures, like the physical and biological structure of the human brain, operate from one of three individually distinct but intricately interrelated systems: mental, emotional, and spiritual. The healthiest organizations, like the healthiest minds, learn to respond and adapt to external stimuli through a well integrated union of all three structures rather than a single, rigid approach. Business models, however, primarily neglect emotional and spiritual components in their operations, placing emphasis instead on efficiency, results, and other qualities readily associated with the mental structure alone. With only one-third of the corporate brain utilized, the remaining two-thirds present a vast reserve of ideas and opportunities for responding creatively to the daily demands of corporate life. Rewiring the Corporate Brain offers a new way to think about, lead, and structure organizations for fundamental transformation. It demonstrates how people must change the thinking behind their thinking – i.e., rewire the structures of the corporate brain – to operate more fully and achieve genuine fundamental organizational change. Written for managers at all levels, Rewiring the Corporate Brain takes its lead from quantum, chaos, and the latest brain sciences to offer practical, accessible, and inspiring alternatives to traditional structures in corporate design, practice, and implementation.”

I hope truly that this is the way societies, countries, and all mankind are going to, as this is the future of our following generations, and I hope to be supporting to build the corporation and society I want my kids to work on and to raise their children, my grandchildren…

In which world do you want your children and grandchildren to be raised on?

🙂 Let us build the world we want to live in!

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