My name is Cortisol… work life balance or solely Life balance?

The biggest challenge I face everyday is to control my thoughts, in order to control my feelings, in order to control my emotions, so I can finally avoid the cortisol to come to my body and destroy the one little thing I appreciate the most – my peace, my life, my future….

How can I do what I love, and avoid cortisol?

How can I enjoy each day more my job if what motivates me is the challenge, and also this is the “secret” of my results, enjoying what I am doing, mainly when challenges are growing…

Here comes the paradigm change – the work life balance, I chose to change to life balance, since I simply decided to change how I look for balance, the balance started to come by itself!!

Only the name “work-life balance” separates your life from your work, it is as saying Marriage-life balance…

Do we separate our marriage from our life and try to have time for our marriage considering that what is out of it is life???

So why we do for work???? The single fact to believe that work is separated from your life, forces you to have a hour balance daily – which causes more stress…

On the other side, if you are able to understand that your work is part of your life as your marriage is, you will understand that the balance is not in one day, one month or one year.

We have to have a higher perspective and understand that when you do not have children, or a marriage, the chances are that you balance will tend to go to the work, as it will go to friends, to sports, to nights out, when you have a partner, your time allocation to friends, sports, as well as work will decrease, and this will keep decreasing when children will come, but this is physics…. you can not fit the room as comfortable with 3 children as you would with 1, you can not place 40 books in a shelf as you can 2. You can not share your 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly, 30 days monthly to your work, family, friends, sports, reading and whatever you want in the same time as you did when you started working.

More, you have to see your balance in your life time, knowing that by the end, when you are 80 you will look back and be sure that at each period of your life you have made the right choice, of focusing at the right part of your life, making the right choices, looking for the right priorities, according to the life you are living, and mainly that you do not regret and you are happy, by each part of your life, being it 12 hours working daily, or 12 hours changing diapers daily or helping your children studying for some exam, but by the end, your life balance was just right when looking back….

So, what is the balance that will help your cortisol battle to be won?

My take away after so many years is that nothing is found outside, everything is within and how you see life and its balance has much more to do to this answer as you might guess!

I see that my balance I find searching my happiness moments, I see that when I have my most stressed periods, I am always longing to arrive home, and this period I try my best not to take my notebook home, and try to do homework with my children, or teach them english, when they were not here, I tried to go to the movies with my husband or to simply have a nice dinner. Before my husband, my best balance period, definitely, was to go to yoga and retreats!!!

Last period my children started yoga and we decided to have them meditate every night before going to sleep, now I have the best of worlds, I work like crazy (many doubt I have the balance I tell I have), but I arrive home and I do yoga or meditate with my children, and once in awhile, my husband and I go out dining and we have fun!

I find myself with more balance now than when I was in Mexico trying to get pregnant….

Now with 3 children, and with the easiest job on earth, General Manager of a pharmaceutical in Venezuela, I do think I have more balance than back in 2006 when I was single as a GM in Hungary!

Cortisol, I fight with laugh, smile, meditation and the blessing of having 3 children, and the last 5 days, I recovered the pleasure of running endorphins!!!!

So, Cortisol I fight with smile, looking to positive, and gratitude, every night after meditating we do a round of eh atreve we thabkful for, sharing everything we thank for during the day…

One thing I am sure, my children will be much happier than I am, and I will be sure to guide them to the right direction!!!

New purpose – others happiness!

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