One religion, one country, one planet, one universe – we are stronger together, to find love,

Insight…. HUGE insight coming from these last 2 months…

My mother search was for unit, for connection, the one that makes all one, the one which do not separate science from religion, mind from body, but still we live in world which label everything, and by labelling, you separate things, you loose the power that exists in each individual build the whole….

The last 2 months I am reading, studying the different ways different beliefs, cultures teach one to find his/her inner peace, inner realization, own spiritual fulfillment. I started by Hinduism, Budhism, coming to Tolteca’s culture and last week, Kabbalah.

It is amazing how similar they are, somehow is like they would be all seeing the same, reading the same, but then expressing it differently. Meaning, the same fact, with different interpretations….

All religions are seeking love, peace, through kindness, all them have ¨punishment¨, being it hell or Karma, Tikun, meaning consequences whenever you take a decision, being ¨good¨or ¨bad¨, so all religions also guide you in the direction fo having dicernment, knowing that all consequences are both to you and to the ones around you.

But the amazing part is the detail – All of them talk about similar things as Maya (budhism), Mitote (Toltecas) ilusion that one has that blurs the real knowledge, this is the 1% of oneself, it is separated by a curtain or smoke from the 99% of one’s knowledge that really means something, as the real spiritual heaven, in quantic physics, the field, by the end, the real oneself… where all the knowledge lies…. you access it when you have an insight, and all the religions, beliefs, try to make this insigh moment long more and more, meaning that you should live in the moment of wisdom.

The interesting is that human being in earth today is loosing the focus by separating itself; religions are fighting for ¨their God¨, not to find the beauty in it simply, but to make all others disappear… Politicians are fighting to have their ideology as the right, not allowing any other to be even discussed, countries are fighting to have more power, wealth. But I really believe that this is the storm before the peace!

At the same time, we have a Pope who is preaching to respect all religions, because love, God exists in all of them, and they all want the best for humanity… Pope Francis is remembering us why we are here in the first place… We are here to live and to live happily, each moment, and the best way for finding happiness is to help others….

I am totally in favour of supporting Pope Francis in this fight to unit religions and to unit ideologies, unit countries, unit the planet earth!

I am tired of seeing families spliting because of politics, I am tired of seeing power being the main objective…

It is time for us to elevate ourselves spiritually, by respecting all and by understanding that what differs from us makes us wiser, because you can only learn from what is different from you.

I am IN LOVE with this Pope, Pope Francis has just won not a piece of my heart, but my whole heart, my soul, my mind!

Let us all seek for a purpose, for common objetive to help the planet, to make our countries stronger, our families diverse and wiser, let us do what we are suppose to do here, together elevate ourselves spiritually and have different worries, as how to learn more, how to make our lives more enjoyable…

I am in favour of one religion, one politics, one ideology, but not because all others disappear, but indeed because we figure out that the differences are what make us stronger, so we value how deep a different idea makes us wiser, either to confirm our beliefs, or to improve them!!!

…I am in favour of one religion, one politics, one ideology, all serching God, love, ultimately, inner peace and spiritual fulfillment!!!

Join me! I need company!!!!

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