Escape, Piña Colada – value what you have, partner or job!!! Learning from music!

pina colada My old lady its U

My mother always told me to take care not to loose something you do care, but do not give the proper care… This was mainly regarding things I used to take for granted. I remember when I had a boy friend and I was always comparing and looking something I did not have. Then suddenly ,when you less expect, you loose the person and then you regret hugely…

It is the same for ANY relationship, being it work or love partner, or even friends…

The music that represented it the most is Escape!!! It strikes me how much books or music had always opened my eyes. Probably music means so much because who writes it feels something so deeply inside, and it is so important that they need to share, and some of them master it hugely!

When I heard the Piña Colada first time, I thought it was other silly music of summer break. …but one day, just listening to it, exactly when I was questioning many things, by paying attention to its lyrics, it brought me a light, an insight….

The music tells about a man who answers to a post in the newspaper attracted by the adventurous and different things this woman offers. Despite of loving his wife, he answers to the post to try new things with a stranger. When he goes to meet her, inmediately he recognizes his wife, she was the stranger in the post – and they simply laugh… Then he tells her that if she likes all she told in the post, she is the woman he is looking for!!!!

Many times we are in a relationship, being it a job or a marriage, and even if we like a lot, it comes to a point when you want more, you start to make demands, or you start to question everything. How many times we criticize a person who you love, just because you “want to help”?

How many times you question your job thinking, ok I like a lot my job, but, is it what I really want???

Well, your doubts of today are your obstacles for tomorrow, and if you do not value what you have, mainly when you know you like it, you will loose it……

Last week, when I started to run again, I was listening to my favorite songs, and Escape was among them – I was in this period where you question things, and I was very much critical of my husband, then, suddenly the song started, and one starts to think, listen to the music and thinking what if HE is tired? What if HE looks for something else? And myself? Am I in danger of doing anything stupid?? …and the music follows and then comes this so nice part when the man recognizes his wife, and he thinks “I knew her smile in an instant, I knew the curve of her, it was my lovely lady…” and she says “oh it’s you…” but they laugh together, and finally they find love again in each other… well I started to cry thinking how silly I am… My husband does love me and I have everything I asked for…

I think ,I am probably the happiest woman on earth, I have absolutely everything I wished for, I really appreciate a lot everything in my life, and finally we also get trapped by this wishful thoughts of nothing but phantasies…

Well… the song has awaken me once again and I am so thankful of having heard it again!!!

I love a lot my husband, my children, my job and everything around!

Thanks to the song, and I wanted to share my experience, I tell you all – be happy with your partner, with your job, find everything that you are glad for, and if, only if, you can not find anything indeed, then you must make a change, but if you find many things you have forgotten… hope you are not in a trouble yet, because our atittude when we are not grateful is terrible and can take things in a way when regrets, and most of the time is a no-turn-around-road.

So look carefully to your job, to your partner, to all your relationships and evaluate if you really should criticize so much, and if you are being thankful enough!

This is the best exercise one can do!!!  Look for everything one can be thankful for…

So… enjoy the journey, I am doing it!!!

I leave you with the song! Video and lyrics below!

Escape (The Piña Colada song)

I was tired of my lady  (Estaba cansado de mi mujer / Estava cansado da minha mulher) We’d been together too long (Estamos juntos ya por demasiado tiempo /  estamos juntos por muito tempo) Like a worn-out recording (Como una grabacion muy oida / como uma gravação muito escutada) Of a favorite song (de tu cancion favorita / da sua musica favorita) So while she lay there sleeping (Entonces mientras ella esta dormida / então enquanto ela esta dormindo) I read the paper in bed (Yo leo el periodico en la cama / eu leio o jornal na cama) And in the personal columns (Y en las columnas personales / E nas colunas pessoais) There was this letter I read (Habia esta carta que he leido / Encontrei esta carta que eu li)

Chorus 1: “If you like Pina Coladas  (Si a ti te gustan las pinas coladas / Se voce gosta de Pina colada) And getting caught in the rain  (Y ser agarrado por la lluvia / e ser pego pela chuva) If you’re not into yoga  (Si no eres de yoga / Se não é a fim de yoga) If you have half a brain   (Si tiene medio cerebro / Se tem meio cerebro) If you’d like making love at midnight   (Si te gusta hacer el amor a la media noche / Se gosta e fazer amor a meia noite) In the dunes on the Cape  (En las dunas del Cabo / Nas dunas do Cabo) Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for   (Entonces soy el amor que buscas / Então sou o amor que voce procura) Write to me and escape.” (Escriba me y huya / Escreva-me e vamos e fuja)

I didn’t think about my lady   (Yo no pense en mi mujer / Eu não pensei na minha mulher) I know that sounds kind of mean  (Se que parece malo / Eu sei que parece perverso) But me and my old lady  (Pero mi “vieja” mujer y yo / mas minha velha mulher e eu) Have fallen into the same old dull routine (Cayemos en la misma rutina aburrida / Caimos na velha rotina monotona) So I wrote to the paper  (Entonces escribi al periodico / então escrevi ao jornal) Took out a personal ad  (hice un anuncio personal / fiz um anuncio pessoal) And though I’m nobody’s poet (Y a pesar de no ser ningun poeta / E apesar de não ser nenhum poeta) I thought it wasn’t half bad (Pense que no estaba nada malo / Pensei que não estava nada mau)

Chorus 2: “Yes I like Pina Coladas  (Si, me gusta Pina coladas, Sim eu gosto de pina coladas) And getting caught in the rain  (Y ser agarrado por la lluvia / e ser pego pela chuva) I’m not much into health food  (No soy de comida saludable / Não sou muito de comidas saudaveis) I am into champagne (Yo soy de champagne / Sou de champagne) I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon  (Tengo que verte mañana medio dia / Tenho que te ver amanhã ao meio dia) And cut through all this red-tape  (Y pasar por toda esta cerimonia / e passar por toda essa cerimonia)   At a bar called O’Malley’s   (En el bar llamado O’Malley’s / No bar chamado O’Malley’s) Where we’ll plan our escape.”  (Cuando planearemos nuestra fuga / Quando planejaremos nossa fuga)

So I waited with high hopes   (entonces espere con alta expectativa / então esperei com alta expectativa) And she walked in the place  (Y ella entro en el lugar / E ela entrou no lugar) I knew her smile in an instant (Yo conoci su sonrisa en un instante / Eu conheci seu sorriso em um instante) I knew the curve of her face  (Yo conocia la curva de su rostro / Eu conhecia a curva do seu rosto) It was my own lovely lady  (Era mi propia querida mujer / Era minha propria amada mulher) And she said, “Oh it’s you.”  (Y ella dice “ah, eres tu…”/ E ela disse “ah, é voce….”) Then we laughed for a moment  (Entonces nos reimos por un momento / Então rimos por um momento)  And I said, “I never knew  (…y yo dice “Yo nunca supe… / … e eu le disse “Eu nunca soube…)

That you like Pina Coladas  (que te gustaban las pinas coladas / que voce gostava de pina coladas) Getting caught in the rain  (Y ser agarrada por la lluvia / e ser pega pela chuva) And the feel of the ocean (y el sentir del oceano / e o toque do oceano) And the taste of champagne (y el sabor del champagne / e o sabor do champagne) If you’d like making love at midnight  (Si te gusta hacer el amor media noche / se voce gosta de fazer amor a meia noite) In the dunes of the Cape (en las dunas del Cabo / Nas dunas do cabo) You’re the lady I’ve looked for  (Tu eres la mujer que yo busco / Voce é a mulher que eu procuro) Come with me and escape.” (Acompañame y huimos / Venha comigo e escapemos!)

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