Peace kit 1st part – I have shared these with many people, now easier to do it!

There are some books, musics, places that are part of our life transformation, some “kitsch”, some meaningful, but for each one of us, they mean differently.

In my life, there are many circumstances that have changed me, or that have changed my way of seeing the world, and they have set the path on which my life is nowadays going through…

I can say that today I am much more mature, spiritually speaking, making myself a much calmer, happy and peaceful person, which does not mean that I do not have my moments, when I am spinning of and wanting to disappear or make some one do so, hihihi!

Well, no more delays, here is the transformation 1st story!

The first book that has changed me and has made great difference in my life, to see more the positive side to try not to over think things and to know that there is always a happy end, and as my mother used to tell, if you are still not happy, it means that the end did not arrive yet.

1) I was walking at a shopping center, after a terrible break up with a boy friend, I was really lost, I was at my first real nice job and I had to be better, but as always I could not do so…

Window shopping was something that relaxed me, and walking through the window of a book store, a book fell from the place it was and I noticed its color, I entered then the store and while I was checking the books, a nice gentleman took a book, with the same colors from the one that I have seen falling – he then handed it to me commenting – “it really did something to me, you should take a look, in case you are not looking for something specific!”…

Well, this was the book:

Don’t sweat the small stuff – and it’s all small stuff (in portuguese “nao faca tempestade em um copo de agua”)

Each chapter has a lesson, one can read it opening in the morning and then going through the day with this learning.

I did it differently – I had post its blue and green and I was tagging the chapter according to the benefit that it would give me professionally or privately.

One nice chapter tells us that our thoughts are the “kings” – they are the ones that make us feel bad or good, and in adapting – domesticating them, we would run our lives and be much happier, and it tells us to do an experiment, to think on something very very nice and to try to feel bad, angry…. try it – impossible!!!!!

WOW – this was the beginning of my long travel to positive thoughts and how to calm down the mind and the life by keeping bad thoughts very distance!!

(The ones familiar with Yoga will notice that this is the principle of Yoga – calm your mind, control it “Citta Vrtti Nirodah” in order to find peace – “Samadhi”)

I have, since then, shared this book with many people, and one boss of mine gave this book as a Christmas gift for all the organization in Brazil and the same happened in Portugal – after this I probably shared this book with dozens of friends!!

Everyone should have this book to check sometimes!!


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