Venezuela – land of example, moral and ethics (…no, I am not crazy)

q arrecho ser vnzol

Many of you might think that I got crazy… How Venezuela can be a land of example, moral and ethics???

Today I heard somebody saying that it is easy to have moral, values and ethics being born in a rich country where you still are rich, no business is on the edge, and no ethical dilemmas are presented.

It is relatively easy to keep compliance and rules in a country where the laws are clear, where justice is transparent.

Let us come to Venezuela…. Actual laws do not favor the private business, some of them “guide” us to sell at a price level that can not cover our own costs. Adding to this legal situation, the hyperinflation is knocking at the door of the country.

Sometimes the term “justice” means more than compliance, but depending on the circumstances, justice is nothing close to compliance.

Then, how to lead a multinational where you want justice and compliance at the same time and both can be perceived differently? And more, how to explain this to the headquarters?

Before I was transferred to Venezuela, I had thousands interviews with high level executives of my previous company and all interviews went to the same direction – are you sure you can do business and assure good results in countries where it seems necessary to have different set of rules, where the level of compliance can be different from the required by our company?

I was so so sure that it was not only possible, but also that this was a competitive advantage!

Being in Venezuela, working in multinational has allowed me to prove this though right. We can find many situations where the outcome might have finished wrongly, if it were not for me being working in a multinational. Working in a multinational, european in this case, just leaves us an advantage that is the historical strictness of the companies from this part of the world.

I have never had a situation in which I had to use my discernment regarding compliance, simply it is clear what kind of business we do, and I have found so many partners to do business as this. And in Venezuela right now, there are much more people that are looking for good business and very strict partners to show how honest one is. Right now the ethics and example of honesty is ery much valued.

One would be surprised to see how many honest people we can find. One would be even more surprised to see that the historic record of honesty and compliance can open doors and favour one so much, as this can be the only true and the only sureness business partners want to look for.

The one very nice point for us to see is that human beings are human beings, and independently of parts, parties, nations, beliefs, having a common ground always shows us the way, always shows us that we can always do business if the purpose is clear and this purpose can be shared by everyone.

From my 5 years experience in Venezuela, it did not matter which was the client or the partner I had talked to,  always when I started to talk about our concern about the patients and wanted to find a solution together, NEVER, EVER have I received a different answer than a willigness to be part of the solution or to work for patients…

More than everything – the Venezuelans are very very much honest and example of honor… In the middle of all the situation we are living, I am a living proof of how many admirable Venezuelans are still in Venezuela, I have met so many Venezuelans, enterprenueurs, second, third generation of Venezuelans who has built the history of this country, and want, more than ever prove that you can do business as one expects here in Venezuela.

Probable, because of all this situation, the honor and honesty is crucial for many Venezuelans, the word is very important and sometimes is what really sustains relationship between client and supplier.

So, if you ask if the “easy” way is the best way and quicker way, I answer yes, if you ask if it would be much easier to take the short cut, my answer would be even a stronger yes… And, because all the detours and easier ways are so easy and not frequently condemned, but rewarded, that I admire so much the Venezuelan business people…

The Venezuelans who are facing so many challenges to stay in their country and fight for their businesses are honorable and I owe them all my respect – I am learnign a lot from them and I am being able to use so many people as example to my children…

Yes, this is also, looking on a different perspective, very good to educate children!!! Here the examples and contrast are so clear that parents can show clearly what is correct and how you wish your children to behave and who to follow!

Thanks to Venezuela I can teach my children clearly what is to be honest, what is to be perseverant, what is to stand to your values and to your principles. Thanks to Venezuela I am b eing able to teach my children, from their childhood how tempting is the easy way, but how much better is the feeling to get somethiung with your effort, honesty and perseverance!!!!

Yes, Venezuela is the land of opportunities, values, honor and ethics!! This is the reason I believe so much on this country!!!!!

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